European wind power partnership led by Scotland

The Good Practice Wind Project, presented by Scottish Energy Minister Jim Mather, aims at promoting the development of onshore and offshore wind farm in Europe.

The partnership involves – besides Scotland – seven European countries, (Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Norway, Malta and Italy), 17 partners in the field of regulations, industry, research and representatives of local governments.

An initial 2-million euro funding was awarded by the European Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI), under the EU Programme named Intelligent Energy Europe 2010.

The project was created to help remove obstacles that hinder the development of wind farms, by defining a code of good practices, especially regarding the active involvement of local communities already in the phases of planning and implementation of wind turbines plants.

Europe has enormous onshore wind energy potential. Nevertheless, Jim Mather pointed out that advances must be in harmony with environmental considerations.

This is the reason why the Good Practice Wind project was created, since it balances an international vision in the field of renewables with local development and with the broader objectives of environmental protection.