Gamesa showcases its new G9X-2.0 MW platform at the international Husum trade fair

Gamesa, a world leader in the manufacture and maintenance of wind turbines, will again attend one of the wind energy industry’s premier annual events, the Husum WindEnergy Trade Fair (Germany), scheduled for 21-25 September at which Gamesa will showcase its new Gamesa G9X-2.0 MW platform.

The company will participate in the industry exhibition under the theme, Gamesa Innovates: Evolution of a Technology, detailing the history and development of a broad range of platforms and wind turbines, from the Gamesa G5X-850 kW to its last technological innovations, the Gamesa G9X-2.0 MW and the Gamesa G10X-4.5 MW.

New G9X-2.0 MW

The combination of a 2.0 MW unit wind turbine with a range of four different rotor size options (diameters of 80, 87, 90 and 97 metres) makes the Gamesa G9X-2.0 MW platform the most versatile in the market, offering maximum output for any location.

The launch of the new platform is getting underway with the G97-2.0 MW Class IIIA model, specially designed for low wind sites, a segment from which Gamesa expects over half of the demand for the 2 MW category to come. The Gamesa G97 has a swept area 16% higher than the existing G90, coupled with an increase in energy output of almost 14%.

Gamesa G97-2 MW wind turbine features a new aerodynamic blade tip design and the Gamesa NRS® control system to ensure to maximum output yet minimum noise. Also, other prominent characteristics of the wind turbine are:

* A 97m long next-generation rotor for low wind sites
* Cutting-edge blade technology: manufacture of lightweight blades using fibreglass, carbon fibre and prepregs
* Pitch and variable speed technology to maximize energy output
* Gamesa active yaw system to ensure optimal adaptation to complex terrains
* Gamesa WindNet® system: remote web-enabled monitoring and control system
* Gamesa SMP: Proprietary predictive maintenance system
* High-tech solutions to guarantee compliance with the main requirements for international grid connection.

The new Gamesa G97-2.0 MW wind turbine and the other G9X platform models are not only higher performance (improved capacity curve and better noise emission levels), they also come with an updated look, with a fresh nacelle design and improvements to the cooling process inside the nacelle.

Further, the new platform showcases a new portfolio of towers:

* The 78-metre tower design has been streamlined (cut from 4 to 3 sections)
* A new 90-metre tower
* Prototypes for towers measuring 115 metres and taller are in progress

The Gamesa G90-2.0 MW Clase IIA model, meanwhile, comes with the technological advances of the new G9X platform as well as a series of other proprietary specifications which make it the ideal turbine for maximising power while minimising cost per kWh at medium-wind locations.

The Gamesa G90-2.0 MW is GL-certified.

The new Gamesa G9X-2.0 MW wind platform has been developed as an upgrade of the popular G8X-2.0 MW platform technology, which boasts market longevity. Over 4,150 of this platform’s wind turbines have been installed worldwide, equivalent to wind farm capacity of more than 8,300 MW.

Other platforms

Gamesa also plans to showcase its G10X-4.5 MW platform and the G128-4.5 MW wind turbine, the company’s most ambitious project ever and the land-based wind energy industry’s most powerful product to date, at the trade fair. Gamesa, which has already begun to market the new turbine and to develop the manufacturing process, plans to go into pre-production in 2011 and to start up assembly line production in 2012.

The Gamesa G10X-4.5 MW has a 128-diameter rotor and a 120-metre hybrid tower made of cement and steel. With installed capacity of 4.5 MW, the turbine offers lower energy costs and ease of transport and installation similar to that of a 2.0 MW turbine.

The Gamesa G128-4.5 MW offers technological innovations not seen on the market until now, based on design and validation concepts comparable to those in industries such as aeronautics: Innoblade®, Multismart®, ConcreTower®, CompacTrain®, Flexifit® and GridMate, among others.

The energy generated by each Gamesa G10X-4.5 MW turbine helps to produce an environmentally-benign energy supply by preventing harmful atmospheric emissions. Each turbine is capable of generating enough electricity to power 3,169 households for a year, replace nearly 1,000 tonnes of petroleum equivalent (TPE) annually and avoid 6,750 tonnes of atmospheric CO2 emissions per year.