First wind power order for new V112-3.0 MW wind turbine in Europe

Seventeen V112-3.0 MW wind turbines, Vestas’ latest and most technologically-advanced product, will be going to German customer PROKON Group, in what is the first wind farm order for the V112-3.0 MW in Europe.

PROKON Group, an experienced and committed wind energy project investor, planner, developer and operator, was looking for the ideal wind turbine for the Krackow wind farm project, a medium-wind site in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. The V112-3.0 MW was the answer to PROKON’s need to get the highest energy production and maximum return on investment from the Krackow site.

The contract also includes installation, spare parts supply and VestasOnline® Business SCADA solution – an extensive range of monitoring and control functions to help optimise the performance of the wind power plant. The delivery of the wind turbines is scheduled for the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.

PROKON develops renewable energy projects with a focus on wind energy and has over 15 years of experience with wind farm projects. Its total installed wind energy capacity is 385.9 MW, which makes PROKON one of the largest and most experienced operators of wind energy in Germany.

“Vestas is delighted that PROKON is demonstrating its trust in Vestas by ordering the V112-3.0 MW turbine,” says Hans Jörn Rieks, President of Vestas Central Europe. “The V112-3.0 MW meets PROKON’s specific needs for this project, and will deliver a very high level of energy production with a low cost of energy.”

“As a key player in the German market, PROKON is an important customer for us. Our past collaboration has resulted in a strong relationship that has produced successful business results, and we look forward to supporting PROKON as it continues to grow in Germany and across Europe.”

“Today, 39 Vestas wind turbines are running reliably in our 32 wind parks and total fleet of 235 turbines. We look back on a successful long-term partnership with Vestas and are pleased to cooperate with them again,” says Carsten Rodbertus, Managing Partner of PROKON. “For the Krackow site, with its 7.1 m / s wind speeds, the V112-3.0 MW is the right choice because it can optimise the wind conditions.”

The V112-3.0 MW turbine is the product of Vestas’ more than 30 years of knowledge and passion for wind power and the experience that comes with installing over 41,000 turbines in 65 countries in five continents. Vestas’ focus on constant innovation and on applying new technological solutions results in increased performance in our wind turbines and a lower cost of energy – ensuring a top-quality business case that generates a solid return on investment for our customers.

This result comes from exhaustive design solutions and subsequent testing of the V112-3.0 MW to optimise the performance of all components and minimise turbine downtime for servicing. A new blade profile, nacelle design and cooling-system deliver load-optimised operation, while the new GridStreamer technology delivers high, stable plant output complying with most stringent grid requirements worldwide.

The V112-3.0 MW also demonstrates Vestas’ focus on providing solutions for the entire global wind energy sector: a turbine that offers a better way to harness the world’s ample supplies of low and medium winds and provide excellent grid support contributing to higher grid stability. The V112-3.0 MW is designed to make it easier to transport and install in sites where erecting a wind farm presents significant challenges.

As of 30 June 2010, Vestas has supplied 5,819 turbines to Germany, representing 7,284.13 MW of clean energy generation capacity.

Every single day, Vestas wind turbines deliver clean energy that supports the global fight against climate change. Wind power from Vestas’ more than 41,000 wind turbines currently reduces carbon emissions by more than 40 million tons of CO2 every year, while at the same time building energy security and independence.

Vestas is the world leader in wind technology, with a history of technological innovation and over 30 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining wind turbines. Vestas was a pioneer in the wind industry and started to manufacture wind turbines in 1979. In 1987, the company began to concentrate exclusively on wind energy.

Today, Vestas operates in 65 countries, providing jobs for over 22,000 passionate people at our service and project sites, research facilities, factories and offices all over the world.