Bi-Partisan Effort to Advance a Federal Renewable Electricity Standard (RES)

"We commend the efforts of Senators Bingaman and Brownback to advance a stand-alone federal Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) bill with the goal of passing legislation this year," said Andris Cukurs, chief executive officer of Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation.

"A swift passage of a bill is essential to the continued growth of the U.S. wind power industry. Quite simply, the U.S. cannot afford to wait any longer."

"If passed, this bi-partisan legislation will help diversify our energy portfolio, improving our energy security and creating green jobs. A national RES is essential to foster stable, long-term investment in wind energy in this country," said Cukurs.

Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation focuses on the North American market and is a subsidiary of Suzlon Energy Limited of Pune, India, the third largest global wind turbine supplier.* The headquarters for North America is based in Chicago, Illinois, with sales and service offices located across the U.S.

Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation, when combined with REpower, is ranked fourth in U.S. wind turbines market share for 2009, according to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). Together, our sites include more than 700 wind turbines installed in the U.S. and totaling 1,750 megawatts (MW) of capacity across 20 states. Suzlon also manufactures wind turbine blades for its S88-2.1 MW machine in Pipestone, Minnesota.