RLE International and Energetique launch maxEV Electric Vehicles

This partnership has now launched the maxEV, their 100% Electric Light Commercial Vehicle at the Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle Show and Conference.

Dr Phil Coop, Managing Director, of Energetique said: “We believe our partnership sets us apart from the competition in combining our experience with integrating power-train, battery and grid technology with RLE’s proven track record in vehicle design and development.” He continued: “maxEV is a vehicle which can deliver the future for fleet operators, parcel, post and delivery services which need to reduce their carbon footprint and transition away from fossil fuels.”

The latest offering from this partnership is the maxEV which utilises the VW Caddy Maxi as the donor vehicle and applies a derivative of Energetique’s evMe proven power-train technology to deliver a high performance light commercial vehicle with an effective range of 150km (extended up to 200km).

The maxEV platform provides UK and EU fleet operators with a real choice in electrification for their chosen fleet vehicle, with an effective 600kg payload. A customised version of the platform suitable for limited post code pick up delivery routes is currently being investigated with a large fleet operator.

Paul Bridden, Head of Engineering, RLE International UK, points out: “We are really excited about this venture. The automotive industry is entering a new horizon of development. Increasing awareness of corporate social responsibility allied to Government pressure through incentives and penalties are starting to make reducing carbon emissions a high priority item.

The resulting focus on reducing use of energy resources and cutting carbon emissions, is creating opportunities for UK businesses to lead the way and become major players in developing new Green Automotive Technology.” The maxEV platform has been developed with Energetique specifically to meet these requirements for fleet delivery, logistics and ‘in location’ service companies.

Future benefits for a fleet delivery company is that the charge of the maxEV may be optimised to meet the driving needs of the following day. The advanced charging technology being developed will enable fleet operators to migrate towards proactive or prognostic charging and take advantage of variable electricity tariffs.

With the phase in of Feed in Tariffs across Europe, the maxEV technology could also allow fleet operators to export the energy stored in the vehicle lithium ion batteries to the grid (Vehicle to Grid or V2G). This will allow fleet vehicles to become a valuable resource in the integrated management of the companies’ energy needs.