WindPower Innovations Announces Talks with Alaska Villages Electric Co-op

WINDPOWER INNOVATIONS, INC., a wind power infrastructure and smart grid solutions company (PINK SHEETS:WPNV), announces talks with Alaska Villages Electric Co-op (AVEC), a non-profit electric utility, owned by the people served in 53 villages throughout interior and western Alaska, and is the largest service area of any retail electric cooperative in the world.

“We are in the second round of talks with AVEC to enhance the efficiency of their 250-500 kW wind turbines with our system optimization and grid-tie solutions,” says John Myers, President and CEO of WindPower Innovations. “Alaska represents a marketplace in the hundreds of millions and soon to be over a billion dollars for wind and other alternative energy sources, and the adaptability of WindPower Innovations’ technology allows us to capitalize on opportunities in extreme and remote environments where others can’t. We will be able to provide AVEC with solutions that help them break through barriers in efficiency and help solve the challenges faced by Alaska’s extremes in climate, geography and distance.”

AVEC is in the process of upgrading and increasing the operating efficiency of its power plant facilities and distribution lines, along with expanding its wind power segment, continuing to move away from costly diesel-generated power.

According to their March 2010 Wind Power Program Recap, AVEC’s Net wind production in 2009 totaled over 1,926,649 kWh, which displaced nearly 147,000 gallons of diesel fuel that would have been burned for power generation. When the new additions are fully integrated and operational, AVEC estimates that another 3.4 million kWh will be produced by wind and will displace an additional 251,852 gallons of fuel used for power generation.

WindPower Innovations, Inc., is a wind power infrastructure and smart grid solutions company that are continually working on new innovations for wind turbines, wind energy generation and transmission, in addition to the comprehensive maintenance, repair and re-manufacture of existing equipment.