China’s alternative power generation expansion world-leading

China is a leader in the development of non-traditional electrical power, with its world-leading expansion of alternative power generation, says the head of the country’ s energy company at the World Energy Congress 2010 on Wednesday.

Liu Zhenya, chairman and chief executive officer of State Grid Corp. of China, the nation’ s largest grid operator, said wind energy and water power projects are growing at a fast rate. Since 2000, electrical generation from wind farm grew exponentially, by 21 times, while solar electricity production rose by 47 times.

"It is estimated that by 2020, the total installed capacity of hydropower will reach 300 gigawatts with 75 percent from large hydro bases,"Liu told the delegates in a keynote speech.

He said wind farms will use wind turbines to produce 90.17 gigawatts, accounting for 78 percent of China’ s wind power.

He noted that China’ s investments in alternative energy will mitigate the country’ s greenhouse gas production. "The replacement of fossil fuels by clean energy will reduce carbon emissions by 1.6 billion pounds a year."

Liu said China plans construction of seven 10-gigawatt wind farms in Jiuquan, Gansu province, and at Hami, in the Xinjiang autonomous region.

Still, he said, China will rely on fossil fuels. In 2020 China will get 58.5 percent of its energy from coal, 26.5 percent from oil and natural gas, 9 percent from hydropower, 4 percent from nuclear reactors and 2 percent from alternative energy, such as solar and wind power.

China is investing more in hydro-electric power production. State Grid Corp. wants to build 13 hydro power projects along the Jinsha and Daduhe rivers, Liu said.

The five-day conference has attracted 5,000 energy executives, government officials and academic experts to this eastern Canadian city to discuss the world’ s future energy consumption and production.

Source: Xinhua,