Breath of Fresh Air: Interview with Oliwia Mroz

Oliwia Mroz, a wind energy enthusiast from Poland, has participated in EWEA’s campaign to get every wind turbine in Europe adopted. We caught up with her…

EWEA: Would you like to see more wind energy in your region?

Oliwia: Of course! My area of Poland (North West) has excellent wind conditions, and it is mostly agricultural therefore it meets all conditions for wind farms. However, the main obstacles are complicated investment procedures and the lack of great financial instruments to support the development of wind energy.

EWEA: Where are you from and is there any wind energy in your area?

Oliwia: I’m from Poland, Szczecin (Zachodnopomorskie Voivodship). This region has the highest number of wind farms and installed capacity in the country. The installed wind farm capacity in Poland is around 1005 MW and in Zachodniopomorskie there is 18 wind farms with a total capacity of about 348 MW.

EWEA: Why do you support wind energy?

Oliwia: I am aware that renewable energy sources are our future. They will provide us energy after the exhaustion of fossil fuels. I think that green and carbon-free wind energy is currently the most attractive technology. But the most important thing, which we should all be aware of, is to protect the environment. Governments and societies should build a world that cares about nature and the use of clean technologies. Besides, there is nothing more beautiful than the sight of turbines moving with the wind among blossoming Polish fields.

EWEA: What motivated you to adopt a wind turbine?

Oliwia: First of all I wanted to be part of such a great campaign. I was able to get a larger group of people interested in this case. My friends are very interested in the campaign. One friend, with a smile on his lips asked: “Oliwia, what are you inventing now?” When I explained they willingly gave their votes.

EWEA: What do you think the main benefits of wind energy are?

Oliwia: If we use wind turbines to generate electric energy we can attain a number of ecological, social and economic benefits, including: reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, low operational costs, impact on regional development and activation or development of transmission infrastructure. Wind power is an inexhaustible and renewable energy source. But most importantly, the use of wind energy is not dangerous. The technology is risk free. Nothing here can explode or leak. Wind power rules out the possibility of environmental pollution and it’s safe for living creatures.

EWEA: How do you think you can make the decision makers wake up to the benefits of wind energy?

Oliwia: EU decision makers are aware of the benefits of wind energy. There is already legislation requiring Member States to increase the share of energy produced from renewable sources, including wind energy. In Poland the dominant energy source is coal. Renewable energy sources, primarily wind, are not popular. Strong signals are needed to inform the public about the benefits of wind energy. The activities of organisations such as PWEA or EWEA are necessary. And I and my friends can support them, hoping that our strong support voices reach decision makers.

EWEA: Do you have any other comments or stories about wind power?

Oliwia: I hope that all the turbines will be adopted. I keep my fingers crossed for the success of the campaign. I’m glad that I could support such a worthy campaign. Good luck!

By Zoë Casey,