Nissan LEAF Electric Vehicles on display as order books open in Europe

At the forthcoming Paris Motor Show, Nissan will be unveiling for the first time a concept vehicle that offers insight into how Nissan could expand its portfolio of electric vehicles with lithium ion batteries. Called Townpod, the concept combines eye-catching design with a spacious and practical interior.

It is designed to offer zero-emissions mobility to a future generation of home-based, innovative entrepreneurs who are creative and tech-savvy. It is more than just a car and it’s more than just a van – it heralds a new-era of flexible, stylish vehicles that will bring electric-vehicle mobility to the masses.

Nissan LEAF

And, continuing the zero-emissions theme, shortly before the first European customer deliveries begin early next year, Nissan LEAF will be making its Paris Motor Show debut.

Nissan LEAF is a 100% electric car with lithium ion batteries, promising zero tailpipe emissions and low running costs. It is the first purpose-designed, mass-produced affordable electric car from any major motor manufacturer and is just the first in a range of electric cars due from the company.

Power comes from a Nissan-developed compact electric motor positioned at the front of the car to drive the front wheels. The AC motor develops 80 kW of power and 280 Nm of torque, enough for a maximum speed of more than 140 km/h (90 mph).

A full lithium ion batteries charge delivers a range of approximately 160km, which will meet the daily needs of 80 per cent of European customers.

The electric motor is ‘fuelled’ by a Nissan-developed laminated lithium-ion battery with a power output of more than 90 kW. The 48-module battery is mounted under the seats and floor of Nissan LEAF. Regenerative energy reclaimed under braking and coasting is fed directly to the battery to ensure minimum waste of energy.