Letter of intent between wind power ENERCON and Piteå Municipality in Sweden

In connection to the inauguration of the wind farm in Dragaliden, ENERCON, Svevind and Piteå Municipality signed a Memorandum of understanding, MOU, regarding the planned concrete tower factory at Haraholmen.

The Swedish minister of environment Andreas Carlgren is present at the inauguration and will witness the signing of the agreement.

The purpose is for Piteå Municipality together with ENERCON to create possibilities for the constructing of a concrete tower factory nearby Piteå’s deep harbor.

The cooperation will cover, inter alia, review of permits and building permits, environmental assessments and to ensure the needs of the necessary infrastructure.

The terms of the establishment of the concrete tower factory are that the wind farm in Markbygden, with a total of 1101 wind turbines is realized.

The plot of the tower factory in Haraholmen is estimated at 150,000 square meters. ENERCON operates, since ten years, a factory for steel towers in Malmö and currently employs 500 people around the country.

The wind energy planned factory at Haraholmen is initially supposed to prefabricate tower parts in concrete, for the expansion of wind power in Markbygden. It is expected to eventually create jobs for 150 employees.

Already, ENERCON has 77 employees in the Piteå region for the installation, maintenance and service. The need for staff is expected to rise to around 400 employees when the entire wind farm of 1101 wind turbines are built, but significantly more during the construction phase.

In the long run ENERCON would use the tower factory in Haraholmen for production of towers to the Baltic, Northern Europe and the Barents Region with Piteå deep harbor as export port.