Venezuela also aims at wind energy

Venezuela has also started to focus on the market of renewable sources. This country, which is extremely rich in hydrocarburates and is the world’s fifth investor in the energy sector, has still not used renewable sources, except for hydropower.

Nevertheless, also because of the droughts that this country has suffered over the past few years and that have significantly reduced the contribution of hydroelectric energy, the Government has now announced plans for the development of small hydraulic and wind farm.

Felix Rodriguez, commissioner of Generación de la Corporacióon Eléctrica Nacional (Corpoelex, the agency executing the policies decided by the Energy Ministry), said that within the next five years, Venezuela will build wind farms for 1,500 MW, these plants being mainly located on the coasts.

Venezuela is getting its first ever wind farm, according to the country’s state-owned oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela (PDV). The wind farm is expected to produce up to 100 MW when it begins to operate at full capacity.

The Venezuelan oil company added that it is in the process of importing 24 wind turbines from Spain’s Damesa in an effort to increase the renewable energy production in the country.

As for small hydraulic, a survey was launched aiming at assessing its potential and identify the most suitable sites. Finally, the government also plans to harness solar energy: according to Rodriguez, the first solar powered generating plant will rise in Tuy del Valles, close to the town of Santa Lucía.