Wind power developers to discuss Ontario Feed-In Tariff

Wind energy and solar power developers, manufacturers, suppliers and Ontario Feed-in Tariff administrators are looking forward to discussing the challenges and opportunities of building the province’s wind farm and solar supply chains next month. All will be gathering on October 5-6 in Toronto for the Ontario Feed-in Tariff Supply Chain Forum which aims to answer the critical questions around supply chains challenges for wind and solar FIT projects including transmission expansion and Economic Connection Tests (ECTs).

This timely event includes 50+ speakers and is sponsored by Navigant Consulting, Siemens and Enfinity. ‘Ontario’s FIT program has accelerated the adoption of solar photovoltaic in Ontario, however; the long-term success of the program will rely heavily on the supply chain,’ says Chris Young, General Manager, Enfinity Canada Ltd, who is speaking at the event. ‘Collaboration between stakeholders is important as we work toward achieving a supply chain that is responsive and sustainable while delivering solutions that are cost-competitive, reliable and bankable in the global market and meet domestic policy requirements.’

The forum presents an excellent opportunity for FIT project developers, wind turbines and solar manufacturers and suppliers, and scheme administrators to discuss the FIT scheme and outline the necessary steps to ensure the program’s success. ‘I am looking forward to the opportunity to visit with colleagues in the wind energy industry – clients, competitors, developers and others,’ comments Michael Barczak, VP of Sales for DMI Industries, who is also presenting at the forum. ‘I also look forward to learning about any breaking news and developments that typically surface at these types of events.’

Vancouver-based Day4 Energy, who is licensing its solar technology to select Ontario manufacturers looking to diversify, is also presenting at the forum. ‘I’m looking forward to hearing the issues that others in PV supply are facing and how they are dealing with them,’ comments John Stonier, Vice President of Strategic Planning and Treasurer at Day4 Energy. ‘This is a new market with many opportunities to explore. The forum provides an excellent opportunity to understand them.’

The Ontario Feed-in Tariff Supply Chain Forum is being supported by a strong group of industry organizations and partners including the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA), The Great Lakes Wind Network (GLWN), the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA), the Association of Power Producers of Ontario (APPrO), Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME), The Green Energy Act Alliance, the Canadian Renewable Energy Alliance (CanREA), Canada Newswire, Electricity Today, Renewable Energy World, Recharge, and McMillan LLP.

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