Phaesun offgrid-specialists start project on rural electrification in Mozambique

Phaesun GmbH in Memmingen/Germany provides households, small business enterprises and public institutions in Mozambique with solar energy. With an inaugural event on 23 July 2010 which was attended by about 70 visitors, the Offgrid specialist started the project on the rural electrification of Mozambique in the parish of Pessene, situated approx. 50 kilometres from Maputo , the capital of Mozambique .

The day before, Phaesun had built up the first Pico systems included in the project there (Pico systems are small offgrid systems with a capacity of up to 10 watts). From now on, a primary school and two accommodations for teachers will be illuminated by the 15 solar lamps installed.

All in all, the 300.000-Euro-project is going to last for two years. 50 per cent of the investment costs are covered by the Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft. As a first step, Phaesun will establish a sustained trader network for the distribution of the Pico systems together with their project partner Coseba in Mozambique running training courses for 10 to 15 traders in the province of Sofala in the east of the country. At the same time, Phaesun cooperation partner Sonnenplus GmbH will train 10 to 15 traders in the province of Maputo .

First solar shops to be opened by mid 2011

As a second step, the project partners will then establish “solar shops“ and solar kiosks selling systems and renting out lamps. The partners intend to open the first shops by mid 2011. Peter Adelmann, professor at the University of Ulm/Germany is going to hold lectures on photovoltaics for the students of Electrical Engineering at the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo to increase the broad effect of the project. He is planning to establish these lectures as a permanent feature at universities in Mozambique .

Thanks to Pico systems, African people who had to cope without electricity are now given the chance to provide themselves with electric light by virtue of their own efforts and their own funds says Adelmann, adding: Modern Pico systems are up to ten times less the price than traditional Solar Home systems.

Simultaneously with the revolutionary advance of highly efficient LEDs that could be observed last year, a very high energy density with lithium batteries and reduced prices for solar modules, we have succeeded in introducing high-quality and durable Pico systems at very economic prices on the market”, Phaesun Managing Director Tobias Zwirner explains. “The Sundaya Ulitium Lamp Kits which are exclusively distributed by Phaesun are durable Hightech products which low-income buyers can also afford.”

Phaesun GmbH based Memmingen/Germany has been specialising in the sale, service and installation of offgrid photovoltaic and wind power systems since it was founded in 2001. As one of the world’s leading system integrators of offgrid energy systems, Phaesun offers products of all reputable manufacturers of this trade. International project management, purposeful training courses for customers and technical support complete the range of services offered. Phaesun holds subsidiaries in Eritrea and Panama and can fall back on a worldwide partner and distribution network.