BASF at Husum WindEnergy 2010

The offering includes products and solutions that allow efficient production and coating of rotor blades, towers and foundations. BASF experts will give brief presentations at the congress center on September 23, from 2:00 PM through 3:00 PM, to introduce their ranges.

Epoxy systems, coatings and polyuethanes from BASF for rotor blade manufacturing

Rotor blades need to be extremely sturdy and weather-resistant to endure 20 years of operation. Epoxy-based composites are commonly used as materials for making these rotor blades.

BASF provides two-component epoxy resin and hardener systems that offer highly beneficial properties under its Baxxodur® brand. These systems can speed up rotor blade manufacturing processes by as much as 30 percent.

BASF also offers polyurethane foams, additives for PVC foams and polyurethane-based adhesives for enhanced rotor blade stability.

Suitable coatings make rotor blades more resistant to environmental exposure. BASF offers RELIUS Processcoat, a groundcoat applied as a particularly thin film.

Oldodur Blade Finish HS is a high-class, environmentally friendly finish that offers significantly enhanced resistance to any type of erosion induced, for example, by rain. These highly flexible specialty coatings offer reliable adhesion even in extreme exposure conditions.

Special grouting materials and coatings for wind energy towers and foundations

BASF offers special grouting materials for any kind of foundation. These products guarantee high long-term tower and foundation stability even in conditions of severe vibration caused by rotor blades and extreme weathering.

In offshore wind farm plants in particular, the new MASTERFLOW® 9500 type of specialty mortar offers benefits in terms of extremely high fatigue life and outstanding resistance to wind, weathering and the multitude of load changes that occur.

Equipped with BASF’s special coating materials, wind turbines towers enjoy excellent protection from harsh weather conditions.

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