Wind farm and coal power station to stand side by side

The largest coal-fired power station in western Europe now has some new neighbours – a wind farm that is set to contain 12 100-metre wind turbines.

Once complete, the nearest wind turbine at the Rusholme development will be approximately a mile east of the village of Drax in North Yorkshire and approximately half a mile north-west of the village of Airmyn, East Yorkshire.

The wind farm stands close to Drax power station, which is more than twice as big as any other power station in the UK, near the River Ouse between Selby and Goole.

The hub of each of the wind farm’s 12 wind turbines will be at a height of 60 metres with 40-metre blades, meaning a total height of no greater than 100 metres.

The Rusholme development began after independent studies found that the area was suitable for a wind energy development, according to a statement from Wind Prospect Group.

The organisation said residents were able to find out about the wind farm proposal at exhibitions held by Wind Prospect Group where they were also able to give feedback.

A statement from the group said: "To date, work on the development’s wind power site compound has been completed, together with the road enabling and the wind farm’s substation.

"Connection to the YEDL distribution network will eventually be made at 66kV, rather than the usual 33kV connection."