Xzeres Wind Introduces Small Wind Power Systems for Marine Environments

Xzeres Wind Corporation (OTCBB: XWND) announced the introduction and availability of two additional distributed energy, small wind turbines systems for marine applications and environments, the XZERES 442M 10kW and XZERES 110M 2.5kW marine units.

These marine wind turbines, built for performance, reliability and value, are offered in 10kW and 2.5kW name plate power outputs and are designed for deployment in marine, estuary and coastal environments that possess high salinity and high humidity conditions.

According to David N. Baker, Xzeres’ Chairman, "We are very pleased to introduce two additional distributed energy, small wind energy systems to our product family within just a few months of beginning our operations. These marine systems expand our total addressable market and will enable us to begin to capitalize on system deployment opportunities for marine applications throughout the Asia Pacific region and globally."

XZERES Wind Corp designs, develops, manufactures and markets distributed generation, wind power systems for the small wind (2.5kW-100kW) market. Our grid connected and off grid wind turbines, which consist of our 2.5kW and 10 kW devices and related equipment, are utilized for electrical power generation for applications and markets such as residential, micro-grid based rural electrification, agricultural, small business, rural electric utility systems, as well as other private, corporate infrastructure and government applications.

Our wind power systems are focused on distributed energy, where a specific machine’s energy output is largely or entirely used on-site where the equipment is installed, as well as grid connected applications. While many of our customers take advantage of their local net-metering rules within the United States and Feed In Tariffs that are often available in Europe and Internationally (to sell power back to the grid), our wind power systems are not dependent on transmission needs to carry the energy produced to another location.