Largest wind energy plant in Romania, in Casimcea

Director of the Agency for Environment Protection (APM) Viorica Bisca told on Monday that in Tulcea County, Casimcea commune, a conglomerate of 15 wind power plants with some 300 wind turbines will be raised.

According to a study of Erste Bank, Constanta and Tulcea counties places Romania on the second spot in a European classification of the best location for the construction of wind farms. Wind installations with a total capacity of 14,000 MW can be mounted in Romania, equivalent to an electricity supply of some 23,000 GWh/year.

Despite of a substantial potential for wind energy production was located in Tulcea County the respective investments are implemented with difficulty because of the imposed legal procedures under conditions in which 82 percent of the county surface is included in Natura 2000 programme. As such, currently, there are just some 20 wind turbines in Tulcea.

At the same time, CEZ Group, one of the largest energy producers, suppliers and distributors in Europe, is building the largest wind farm on land in Europe, with a capacity of 600 Megawatts, in Constanta County (south-east), twice the size of the expanding possibilities of the largest wind farm currently in Europe and almost triple as against the largest operational wind farm, at present, in Europe.

First of the 240 wind turbines in CEZ Wind Farm in Fantanele and Cogealac started operations on June 2, 2010. The first part of the project includes 139 wind turbines, with an installed capacity of 2.5 Megawatts, and is planned to be finalized by this year-end.