Aerowatt to Build First Wind Farms in Mauritius Islands

An 18 megawattwind turbines  project near the village of Plaine des Roches in northeast Mauritius will reach completion first. The wind farm is being constructed for about 14 million euros. Construction is set to begin in early 2011 and be complete within a year.

Aerowatt announced on July 7 that it had sold 210,000 carbon credits generated from the project to the Swedish government. The sale of the credits will help finance the wind farm.

The second wind energy project will be near Britannia, 25 kilometers (16 miles) south of the capital Port Louis. The 22-megawatt wind farm is being developed in collaboration with the Mauritian sugarcane and ethanol producer Omnicane Limited. The project is close to finalization and should reach completion in early 2012.

Aerowatt is a fully vertically integrated player with expertise spanning the entire value chain and the requisite know-how to develop wind power and solar energy projects. Aérowatt is active upstream in the origination of projects, as well in the engineering, construction and operation of power plants.

Initially active in the wind power segment, Aérowatt set about diversifying its activities into the photovoltaic segment, thanks to a cooperation agreement with Apex BP Solar in French overseas territories and thanks to the formation of an engineering office, Héliowatt, in mainland France (South).

Aérowatt operates currently 22 wind farms representing 69 MW including 63 MW for its own account and 7 solar facilities representing 2,8 MWc including 1 MWc for its own account.

Aérowatt has a project portfolio which will enable it to operate, for its own account, 350 MW in wind power and 50 MW in solar energy by end-2013.

By successfully installing wind farms in mainland France, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and North Atlantic, Aerowatt integrates the various wind related businesses, from project design to the final stage of selling the energy. To date, 100% of the projects carried out by Aerowatt have been successfully completed.