586 electric vehicles already circulating in Spain

These figures are encouraging for the emerging market for electric vehicles in Spain and start to close to 2,000 electric vehicles targeted by the Ministry of Industry.

Almost all electric cars sold in the first half of the year correspond to the Think City electric car with lithium ion batteries sold by Going Green, which places the company as an industry leader.

Going Green, a company specializing in the distribution of electric vehicles at the national level, has delivered 15 cars and 100 Think electric Vectrix electric motorcycles until the month of July 2010.

In the words of Gonzalo Alonso, director of Going Green: "We are pleased with the development of the electric vehicle market and especially with the performance and reliability of electric vehicles delivered to date to our customers. "

Electric vehicles do not emit CO2, if the electricity comes from renewables such as wind energy, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal or Concentrating Solar Power, and Spain is the fourth country in installed wind power (behind USA, China and Germany), the first in solar thermal and photovoltaic second (only behind Germany).

Wind turbines can supply electricity to electric cars and in the future will also be used to store and regulate the electricity intermittent wind energy sector, and in some cases lost because of lack of demand in peak hours.

V2G, vehicle-to-grid technology is the “Smart Grid” solution for the automobile sector by allowing vehicles to connect, communicate, and sell demand services to the grid.

Some people want entangle everything and seeks to discredit what is just beginning: the era of electric vehicles. And for that manipulate the data of the 16 electric cars registered.

So far in 2010 have been paid aid for 272 electric vehicles, representing a total of 1.04 million euros, while the payment of incentives for 314 electric cars is in progress.

Of the total sales of automobiles, electric vehicles are selling 84 individuals, 14% of the total, while sales to government and public enterprises reached 123 electric cars, 21% of the total.

Until last July 16 have been attached to the Plan Movele a total of 168 dealers from all over Spain and there are currently 62 requests for outlets that want to participate in this initiative.

In Madrid have sold 258 electric vehicles and in Catalonia 180. Follow the Basque Country, with 48 electric vehicles, Andalucía, 19, Murcia, 16, Baleares and Castilla y León 10, Cantabria, in August, Canarias, with 4, Aragon, 3, Asturias and Extremadura, with 4 Castilla-La Mancha 2 and La Rioja and Navarre with an electric vehicle each.