WindPower Innovations: Direct-Drive wind turbines are the future of wind energy

WindPower Innovations, Inc. (Pink Sheets: WPNV), announces Permanent Magnet Direct Drive wind turbine solutions as a key component in its overall mission to provide unique and efficient ways for the wind energy industry to economically transition into its eminent future.

“Permanent Magnet Direct-Drive wind turbines are the future of wind energy generation,” says Ian Griffiths, Chief Technical Officer of WindPower Innovations. “We’re applying advanced systems that are new to wind energy, and in ways that eclipse our competition.”

“It’s a smart technology that can sense variable load demands and automatically adjust power output. By eliminating gearbox maintenance and most importantly, failure, all of our nearly 100 permanent magnet solutions provide increased up-time with 75% less upkeep and repair.

The Permanent Magnet Generator and corresponding grid-tie inverter is able to produce a constant 60HZ AC power over a wider band of operation (from 20% to 125% of rated power) than traditional generators, which only have one or two power synchronization peaks (+/- 5%) that can produce the 60HZ AC required by the grid.

“Additionally, all of our Permanent Magnet Generators are certified for low noise, addressing one of the biggest environmental objections facing the wind industry today.

“Not only does this technology gain potential significant savings by avoided maintenance, repairs and downtime, it also gains efficiency and increased revenue due to its ability to generate power over a broader range of wind speeds, producing additional energy.”

WindPower Innovations, Inc. is a wind power infrastructure and smart grid solutions company that is continually working on new innovations for wind turbines, wind energy generation and transmission, in addition to the comprehensive maintenance, repair and remanufacture of existing equipment.