MEGAJOULE installs met mast MJ 200

Renewable energy consultant MEGAJOULE is now operating its 200. met mast in the district of Viseu in Portugal. Altogether MEGAJOULE has operated met masts in 7 countries including Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, East Timor and South Africa.

Since installing its first met mast in December 2004 in Portugal MEGAJOULE has now announced its 200. met mast. Abílio Carvalho, director of the measurements lab at MEGAJOULE, proudly says that “Getting to this number of met masts in 7 different countries and operating them achieving an average recovery rate of more than 90% of valid wind data, in all our measurements campaigns, is a clear sign of our commitment to supply our clients with a good, flexible and reliable work.”

Since its six years of acting as a renewable energy consultant MEGAJOULE has performed wind power studies for close to 10 GW of clean wind energy.

Board Member Miguel Ferreira believes that “Cooperating with wind farm project developers since the early stages of the projects, by planning the measuring campaign, then operating met masts on client’s behalf and regularly validating the collected wind data, enables not only to assure good measuring campaign results but also a better knowledge of the project, which becomes an added value for the client when preparing the final wind assessment studies, decreasing the uncertainty associated to the annual energy production estimates”.

MEGAJOULE, as Portuguese market leader in wind assessment, is strongly committed to promote alternative and sustainable energy solutions. MEGAJOULE’S core business is wind assessment, but there is a wide range of technical services MEGAJOULE offers from advanced flow simulation (CFD and mesoscale) to power performance tests and independent project due diligence. Acting globally MEGAJOULE also provides advice on solar energy. In addition to the creation of the innovation branch MEGAJOULE|Inovação, MEGAJOULE has opened offices in Brazil and Poland in the beginning of 2010.