Leo Motors Completes Mountain Driving Test

Leo Motors, Inc. announced that it has successfully finished testing its converted electric truck on one of the steepest mountain roads in Korea, named Nogodan. The e-truck carried a 770-pound payload in its cargo deck, and successfully climbed the mountain road with an average speed of 30 miles/hour.

The truck continuously ran 8.2 miles of hilly road with up to a 27 percent grade. 18 reporters from various media in Korea were on hand to witness the test.

The converted truck is equipped with Leo’s 30kW power train system and 30kW Lithium Polymer Power pack including Leo’s high precision Battery Management System (BMS). Dr. Robert Kang, CEO of Leo Motors, said, "This event has a great significance in Korea, because the conversion law for electric vehicles (EVs) was announced today."

Korea’s EV conversion law sets standards for power and safety when converting a standard internal combustion engine vehicle into an EV. More than 70 percent of the land of Korea is mountainous, making hill driving capability more crucial for electric vehicles in the country.

Dr. Kang said, "Leo Motors wants to be a pioneer in the EV conversion market as we plan to mass-produce various powers of electric power trains within the year." Leo has developed 3kW~240kW electric power trains, and has completed tests of EVs using these power trains.

Leo Motors is engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of electric vehicles ("EVs") and EV components. Leo has designed many original EVs and has converted many models of existing internal combustion engine ("ICE") vehicles into EVs, including scooters, motorcycles, full speed sedans, highway buses and trucks. Leo Motors has also developed several original EV components, and is actively marketing them as a bundled conversion kit for ICE vehicles.