Seaforth Energy Inc. Acquires Entegrity Wind Power Assets

Seaforth Energy Inc. announced the acquisition of the assets and intellectual property of Entegrity Wind Systems Inc. The acquisition brings together the AOC 15/50 and EW 50 wind turbines, which collectively represent the world’s largest and longest-standing active fleet in their size class.

"Together with our recent $2-million financing round, this acquisition positions Seaforth Energy and the AOC 15/50 to build on its dominant position in fleet size and proven longevity," said Jonathan Barry, president of Seaforth Energy. "We are building on the experience and strengths of both wind turbines to ensure the durability and performance continue to get better."

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Seaforth Energy has two complementary lines of business. The company manufactures and exports the AOC 15/50, the most proven and longest-running 50 kW wind turbine worldwide. The AOC 15/50 is sized for institutional, commercial, industrial, agricultural and remote applications. Seaforth Energy’s renewable energy systems integration group provides design, engineering, construction, installation and maintenance for renewable energy solutions to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional clients.

The company is integrating the common platform shared by the two wind turbines. As part of the project, Seaforth Energy is partnered with service providers in the United States and distributors worldwide to support the installed fleet.

"This acquisition brings together two very complementary 50 kW wind turbines, the AOC 15/50 and the EW 50, into a single product offering," said Stan Mason, chief engineer and co-founder of Seaforth Energy and Seaforth Engineering Group. "We are using our resources, experience, and R&D from both product lines to ensure we have the best path forward and a solid approach to support existing and future customers."

The acquisition comes at a time of considerable export momentum for the company. The AOC 15/50 has been installed worldwide, including in Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Morocco and India. The company is currently delivering on new contracts in many of those markets and pursuing several major new ones.

"This acquisition allows Seaforth Energy to accelerate its dominance in the 50kW wind turbine market internationally," said David Lombardi, chair of Seaforth Energy and president of Seaforth Engineering Group. "Our vision of building world-class renewable energy solutions from Nova Scotia is happening faster than ever."

Seaforth Energy is one of the world’s leading commercial-class wind turbine manufacturers with its AOC 15/50 and EW 50 sister turbine having the largest and longest-standing active 50kW fleet globally. Seaforth Energy is also Atlantic Canada’s largest renewable energy systems integrator serving commercial, industrial, agricultural, off-grid and residential clients with complete design, engineering and installation expertise across solar, wind energy and integrated heating. In partnership with the Seaforth Engineering Group, Seaforth Energy has over 15 years of wind systems manufacturing and renewable energy design, engineering and installation experience.

Seaforth Engineering Group has been providing marine engineering and geomatics services, wind engineering and renewable energy systems globally for close to 20 years. Headquartered next to Lake Banook at its Paddler’s Cove facilities in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Seaforth Engineering Group also includes Eon WindElectric, one of Atlantic Canada’s foremost large wind project management and operations teams, and Seaforth Morgan Falls Hydro in New Germany, Nova Scotia. One of Atlantic Canada’s earliest independent power producers, the group is also behind Seaforth Power and the new community-owned Watts Wind Energy project at Watt Section, near Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia.