Vaenza Creates a Summer Breeze With Pending Wind Energy Tech Orders

Sebastian River Holdings, Inc. (Pink Sheets:SBRH) CEO, Mr. Sang Gil Oh, announces success in its wind power tech division as it has identified potential customers which have expressed interest in purchasing technology from Vaenza. "We are thrilled to see interest like this only weeks after our official decision to move forth in this realm. There were many months, if not years of this division in our plans, but to have interest so positive in this stage is certainly encouraging," states Oh.

Vaenza executives, as a result, have placed orders with a manufacturer in Tennessee, USA for 3 fully operational units to be used for demonstrations to customers that have shown pending interest. "We have been witness to the technology already in implementing into our own business model and feel this will be impressive to our customers and overall beneficial for Vaenza and SBRH shareholders, allowing for more active revenue sources for the company as we develop original photovoltaic tech in-house and implement our marketing and distribution on the air2water technology in Southeast Asia," Oh said.

Vaenza should complete the acquisition of the units in the coming days and will announce progress accordingly. As well, "We feel this will lead to sales and stimulating interest from additional customers," states Oh. "We expect, in line with their enthusiasm and level of interest, to receive an expedited answer from these potential customers toward our first sale in Vaenza’s wind power division and will report details therein once transacted."

The company sets its sights on being a ‘one-stop shop’ for green technology catering to retail, commercial, industrial and governmental usage toward a cleaner environment and cost-effective global economy. As well, Mr. Oh and Vaenza board have stated as a response to investor inquiries that "there is no intent or need to increase the outstanding share count for capitalization in the near future. We have positioned ourselves well and will carry on with said initiatives well prepared."