China battery manufacturers and suppliers improving operational efficiency

Encouraged by positive industry forecasts, China battery manufacturers and suppliers are pushing expansion plans and product upgrades to meet anticipated demand, with many going "green." This is according to Global Sources’ (Nasdaq: GSOL) China Sourcing Report: Batteries.

The Report, which covers lithium, NiMH, lead-acid and dry-cell batteries, reveals that suppliers aim to attract more orders by increasing expenditure in competitive areas. These include improving operating efficiency and developing models with greater storage capacity, improved safety features, and less impact on the environment.

Publisher of the Report, Brandon Smith, said: "As the markets of China battery suppliers recover, including the consumer electronics, mobile phone, computer, toy, power tool and electric vehicles, we are seeing a sharper focus on eco-friendliness. Besides releasing more lithium models as applications for these products grow, manufacturers are implementing better waste-management practices at their factories."

Smith added: "With movements for the protection of the environment mobilizing worldwide, the lithium battery segment is a key growth driver in the industry. China suppliers produced 1.9 billion such units last year and output is expected to certainly rise, especially with the China government throwing its weight behind a plan to promote lithium battery development nationally in 2010."

Prices stable even with increasing expenditure

China Sourcing Report: Batteries examines other trends and developments that are playing out across the battery industry in China, the world’s biggest manufacturer of the product. For one, with material costs now stable, product prices are expected to remain at current levels in the year ahead after most companies raised them in the past months.

The Report’s supplier survey also shows that:

* 90% of profiled manufacturers are increasing capital expenditure;
* 73% of suppliers are investing in efficiency upgrades;
* new anode and cathode materials are enhancing product performance; and
* most suppliers anticipate exports to grow by more than 20% in the coming months.

The China battery industry as a whole is projected to experience annual growth of 20 percent or greater over the next few years. Even though the European Union and North America are expected to remain the major overseas destinations, the Report reveals that many suppliers intend to cultivate a stronger presence in emerging markets such as South and Central America and Africa to boost sales.

The 118-page China Sourcing Report: Batteries provides detailed profiles of 29 suppliers with verified manufacturing and export credentials, plus contact details of 36 more suppliers. It also includes a Product Gallery featuring 124 of the most popular export models, with key specifications and full-color pictures.

The Report’s surveys, price trends and supply forecasts aim to help buyers make better-informed purchasing decisions.

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