WindTamer Announces Contract to Install Two Wind Turbines in Syracuse, New York

WindTamer Corporation ("WindTamer" or the "Company") (OTCBB: WNDT), a developer and manufacturer of a patented new wind turbine technology and proprietary energy management system, announced today that it has signed a contract valued at $150,000 with Destiny USA Holdings, LLC to design, fabricate and install two rooftop-mounted 54GT-1000 WindTamer wind turbines for use at Carousel Center/Destiny USA in Syracuse, New York. This project is made possible via a federal grant to demonstrate renewable energy technologies.

Melissa Perry, Destiny USA’s Director of Sustainability, said that, "We chose the WindTamer turbine to be a significant component of our green initiative at Destiny USA because of its efficiency, environmentally-friendly design and its aesthetically-pleasing appearance."

The wind turbines will be mounted on the southeast and northeast corners of the new three-story, 60-foot tall addition. The addition is the first phase of Destiny USA, an 800,000 square-foot expansion of the 1.5 million square-foot Carousel Center. The WindTamer turbines will extend above the existing roof parapet wall by a minimum of 10 feet to the bottom of the turbine shroud. All necessary permits from the City of Syracuse have been received. Each unit is expected to produce up to 3500 kWh per year based on the available wind speed. The units are scheduled to be installed and operational by September 2010.

Destiny USA is designed to be a worldwide model for sustainability through the use of a variety of green technologies. Robert J. Congel, Founder and Chairman of Destiny USA has stated that he is committed to obtaining LEED Gold certification for the project, a designation that represents the 2nd highest level of green building practice under the United States Green Building Council’s standards.

William A. Schmitz, Chief Executive Officer of WindTamer, said that, "We are very pleased to have completed the first sale of rooftop-mounted WindTamer turbines and we note that the permitting process ran smoothly and quickly. We believe that Carousel Center and Destiny USA will be a great showcase for WindTamer and that consumer destinations and big-box retailers will be a significant market for us moving forward."

Mr. Schmitz added that WindTamer will monitor the power output of the units on a continual basis to determine the effects of mounting its units on large commercial structures as part of the company’s ongoing effort to improve the power output of the turbines.

WindTamer Corporation is a developer and manufacturer of wind power generators that utilize a patented technology for the production of electrical power and of a proprietary energy management system that enables customers to reduce and better manage energy costs.