Wind power in Rajashthan (India)

About 1000 megawatts of electricity is produced in the State with 60 billion rupees being pumped in because of government’s policy of producing non-conventional energy.

In a recent survey, districts such as Jaisalmer and Jodhpur were identified as the best sites for wind power projects. Some officials of the wind energy project said that it proves beneficial in terms of electricity generation and also develops that particular area by giving employment to the people.

“The land availability here today is very easy. The land that we are getting in the remote areas is very cheap. These wind farm projects being in the remote areas, the government is in favour of promoting it. People in those areas are getting direct and indirect employments. And that area is getting developed along with this,” said Rajendra Vyas, Manager Operation.

Such projects have been successful in generating electricity ever since it began in Sikar district in 2004. “We’ve seen high wind speed over the past six years which is why our wind energy project is successful. About one hundred thousand units are generated per day. Rajasthan has found an easy solution for their electricity problems in the form of wind energy systems,” said Bhawar Lal Saini, maintenance worker.

The investors say that the government is also supportive of such wind farm projects leading to the increasing number of wind turbines being set up in the state. Wind turbines are one of the forms of renewable energy so important in the context of global warming challenges.

By Lokender Singh, ANI,