ENDESA installs recharge point for electric vehicles at IBM

ENDESA is keen to develop electric mobility as a means to promote the fight against climate change and contribute towards successfully meeting its sustainability and economic growth objectives while at the same time creating value for shareholders.

IBM is committed to innovation in battery development and to the integration of new technologies into network infrastructure to support the roll-out and wide-spread adoption of electric vehicles.

ENDESA has installed an intelligent recharge point for electric vehicles at IBM headquarters in Madrid, the first such recharge point at a private company in Spain. Juan A. Zufiria, Chairman of IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel, and José Arrojo, Director of Research at Endesa’s Technological Development and Innovation Division were present during the start-up of the installation, which falls under the framework of a joint initiative by IBM and ENDESA to develop and promote electric vehicles.

IBM is developing aspects related to the roll-out of intelligent electric networks – which are necessary to encourage the wide-spread use of electric vehicles -, the development of batteries that give vehicles greater autonomy, and is also participating in defining the standards which make the recharging process possible.

For Juan A. Zufiria, “the wide-spread adoption of the electric vehicle has enormous implications, not just for the ecosystem, due to its environmentally friendly technology, but also for the economy and society as a whole”.

In a similar vein, José Arrojo stated, “ENDESA is firmly committed to developing a sustainable transportation model, as reflected by its 2008-2012 Sustainability Strategic Plan, as key means of combating global warming and successfully meeting its sustainability and economic growth objectives while at the same time creating value for shareholders.”

ENDESA is currently involved in numerous national and European projects which aim, among other objectives, to standardise, define the business model for and raise awareness of electric vehicles in society. In Spain, the company is participating in the Cenit Verde project and in the implementation of the government’s electric mobility plan (MOVELE), in addition to other projects involving the grid integration of electric vehicles such as SmartCity, DER-22@, REVE (Regulación Eólica con Vehículos Eléctricos), and projects to perform research into, develop, and demonstrate EVs in Europe, such as G4V and ELVIRE.