PG&E is First to Receive Extended Range Electric Fleet Trucks from Raser Technologies

Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) and Raser Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: RZ) announced today that PG&E will be the first company in the United States to take delivery of Raser’s new extended range electric (E-REV) fleet trucks, designed to achieve an average of 100 miles per gallon in typical daily driving when recharged at night from a typical household outlet.

The extended range electric pick-up truck can drive the first 40 miles on powerful lithium-ion batteries. It can continue driving over 300 miles by generating its own electricity from a small onboard gasoline-powered generator or “range extender.”

PG&E expects to take delivery of the first two E-REV fleet trucks modified with Raser’s E-REV powertrain for initial testing and demonstration before the end of 2010.

“PG&E is committed to reducing our emissions and strives to be a leader in green fleet technology,” said David Meisel, transportation services director at PG&E. “We have been evaluating the market for over a year, and are proud to integrate the first two near-zero emissions pick-up trucks into our fleet.”

Pacific Gas and Electric Company operates the nation’s largest utility fleet with more than 14,000 vehicles. It also offers some of the cleanest electricity, with more than half of its power coming from renewable and non-carbon sources.

Raser says it plans to offer its E-REV powertrain in both GM and Ford models to accommodate the growing demand for clean vehicles that can capture available federal and state incentives designed to offset the additional cost of electrification. With a backlog of over 10,000 soft orders for plug-in fleet vehicles already, Raser plans to begin limited delivery to other fleets for field testing as early as 2011. Raser also plans to offer its E-REV powertrain in popular SUV models in the near future.

“With Raser’s new E-REV powertrain, America’s most popular trucks and SUVs can also be some of the cleanest vehicles on the road,” commented David West, Vice President, Marketing for Raser Technologies.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company, a subsidiary of PG&E Corporation (NYSE:PCG), is one of the largest combined natural gas and electric utilities in the United States. Based in San Francisco, with 20,000 employees, the company delivers some of the nation’s cleanest energy to 15 million people in northern and central California.

Raser (NYSE: RZ) is an environmental energy technology company focused on electric vehicles and renewable energy development. Raser’s Power Systems segment is seeking to develop clean, renewable energy power plants and bottom-cycling operations, incorporating licensed heat transfer technology and Raser’s Symetron™ technology developed by its Transportation and Industrial segment. Raser’s Transportation & Industrial segment focuses on extended-range plug-in-hybrid vehicle solutions using Raser’s award-winning Symetron™ technology to improve the torque density and efficiency of the drive systems used in electric and hybrid-electric vehicle powertrains and industrial applications. More information on Raser may be found at