NHDC plans 100 MW wind power plant in Madhya Pradesh (India)

Narmada Hydroelectric Development Corporation, a JV between the Madhya Pradesh government and the National Hydro Power Corporation, wishes to set up a 100 MW wind farm in Kukru village of Betul district. It will probably be one of the largest such plants in the country.

The company formed to tap the potential in hydroelectric power generation on the Narmada River has already diversified into thermal power and bagged two super critical thermal power projects in the state of 1,360 MW each.

Although capacity utilization in wind power if government and wind energy investors and various other sources are believed comes to hardly 18% to 22 % in Madhya Pradesh NHDC is optimistic on the project.

A highly placed executive of the company said that “We have appointed a consultant C Wet to prepare a detailed report in this regard and conduct a survey. If the feasibility report comes in favor then we will go for the project.”

The reports added that NHDC is confident of optimum utilizations of the wind farm. At present the wind power rate starts from INR 4.03 per unit in first year to INR 3.36 per unit in the 20th year. Wind turbines makers have demanded a slash in power rates.

An investor planning to set up a 15 MW power plant said that “I am planning to set up a power plant in Madhya Pradesh but power rates are very high. States like Tamil Nadu where capacity utilization is very high above 27 % have yet lower tariff than Madhya Pradesh.”.