Azerbaijan prepares wind power cadastre

If to take into account that just 10% of the territory is suitable for the construction and operation of wind energy, then the suitable area will be 550 sq km.

The capacity of Azerbaijan’s power grid will be brought to 9,000 megawatts by 2015, while 10 percent of this figure should made alternative and renewable energy, Director of the Azerbaijani Scientific-Researc Energy Institute Nurali Yusifov said July 20.

The volume of the country’s power grid projected at 6,000 megawatts, but now it is already 6,500 megawatts. Over the past five years, the power grid has increased by 2,700 megawatts, Yusifov said.

The country builds several new power plants, particularly Cenub power plant and small hydropower stations, Yusifov said.

He said the work on the study of alternative and renewable sources of energy is underway. The institute prepared an inventory of small hydropower and wind energy inventory.

Construction of several small hydroelectric plants and wind farms will be launched in the coming days. OJSC Azerenerji has finished 6-month study on renewable energy sources in Azerbaijan.

Nurali Yusifbeyli, the director of the Scientific-Research & Design Institute of Energy of Azerbaijan, says that the documents and the results of the study collected for first half of 2010 were submitted to Azerenerji’s management.

"There were also prepared a cadastre of rivers (for small hydro electric power stations) and a cadastre of wind energy. Currently, documents are under consideration,” he said.

According to Yusifbeyli, foundation for a few more small hydro and wind power stations will be laid in the country soon.

The survey shows that Azerbaijan’s potential for development of hydro and wind energy is quite great. The country is numbering 8,359 rivers, including 8,188 with a length of 26-50 km, 40 ones – 51-100 km, 22 ones – 101-500 km (11 of them are transit), and 2 rivers – more than 500 km.