Leo Motors Exhibits its Zinc Air Fuel Cell Technology

Leo Motors, Inc. presented visitors at the EV Korea 2010 Expo with Electric vehicles capable of pulling substantial weight at high speeds, and equipped with a new Zinc Air Fuel Cell capable of extending the journey without recharging.

Executives from EV companies in North America were shown two trucks that can travel 140 miles on a single charge. Leo’s patent-pending Zinc Air Fuel Cell (ZAFC) generator, which acts as a type of alternator to recharge the lithium battery, an invention by John Lee, Chief Technical Officer of Leo Motors. The newly introduced trucks can run continuously using tiny zinc balls as fuel. The efficiency of ZAFC generator was officially proven by the firm Korea Electric Technology Institute, run by the Korea government.

The trucks on display were converted from traditional internal combustion engines to EVs in order to reduce the operational costs of the vehicles while retaining the ability to climb steep hills and rough terrain without compromising speed. The e-Porter is a one ton, (2,200 lb load) truck, while the e-Labo is a half ton pick-up truck. Leo also exhibited an electric passenger car, motorcycle, utility EV, and five e-scooters.

Leo is also displaying its electric power trains in 7 different power capacities from 3kW to 240kW, Battery Management System Plug-in Electric Hybrid generators and electrification services. Leo’s EV systems are designed to achieve optimal power and integrate the control system of EV motors and power storage to make EVs run better than internal combustion engine vehicles.

The vehicles were tested and certified to be effective by the Korean authorities before the trade show. Leo Motors will be displaying products at the Money Show, and CEO Dr Robert Kang will be lecturing on the significant differences of a Leo Motors EV commencing August 19, 2010 at the Marriott Hotel in San Francisco.

Leo Motors, Inc. is a Korean company incorporated in Delaware, and is engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of electric vehicles and EV components. Leo has designed many original EVs, and has converted many models of existing internal combustion engine vehicles into EVs, including scooters, motorcycles, full-speed sedans, highway buses and trucks. Leo Motors has also developed several original EV components, and is actively marketing them as a bundled conversion kit for ICE vehicles.