Bergé Automoción delivers the first electric vehicles to Endesa

The two BYD F3DM models are the first fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in Spain, and provide users with autonomy of nearly 100 kilometres in electric mode and over 500 kilometres in hybrid mode.

The delivery falls under the agreement signed between the two companies whereby Endesa will install and supply recharging points at Bergé Automoción’s plants, while Bergé Automoción will supply electric vehicles for the various pilot projects being developed by Endesa.

Both companies are keen to develop e-mobility as a way of stepping up the fight against climate change.

Endesa has received the first electric vehicles (EVs) from Bergé Automoción under the agreement signed between the two companies in April to jointly develop e-mobility in Spain.

Bergé Automoción has delivered two BYD F3DM cars, a model based on cutting-edge DM (Dual Mode) technology, with a fully electric system, and which is also a plug-in hybrid. The EVs have nearly 100 kilometres of autonomy in electric model and over 500 kilometres in hybrid mode.

The two vehicles will be used in the “SmartCity” project, headed by Endesa and conducted in Malaga, involving the development of a new energy management model for cities to achieve energy savings of 20% and a reduce CO2 emissions by over 6,000 tonnes per year.

Endesa has pledged to develop a sustainable transport policy based on the EV as a key element in combating climate change, a cornerstone of its Sustainability Strategic Plan 2008-2012. To this end, it is involved in numerous national and European projects which aim, among other objectives, to standardise, define the business model for and raise awareness of electric vehicles in society.

In Spain, the company is participating in the Cenit Verde project and in the implementation of the government’s electric mobility plan (MOVELE), in addition to other projects involving the grid integration of electric vehicles such as SmartCity, DER-22@, REVE (Regulación Eólica con Vehículos Eléctricos), and projects to perform research into, develop, and demonstrate EVs in Europe, such as G4V and ELVIRE.

Bergé Automoción, the automotive division of Bergé y Cía, is currently the largest private automobile distributor on the Iberian Peninsular and in Latin America. It represents a total of 29 brands (between distribution and retail sale) and is active in Spain, Portugal, Poland, Chile, Argentina, Peru and Mexico.

Bergé Automoción commercialises various models of electric car in Spain, which cover a significant part of the existing demand and have been included in the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade’s MOVELE programme.