Spain is now the country with the world’s largest Concentrating Solar Power (432 MW)

Spain has become the country with the largest solar thermal power installed with 432 megawatts (MW) and thereby surpass the United States, whose concentrating solar power is at 422 MW, announced today the leading business association of sector, Protermosolar.

Spain has managed to jump through connection, this weekend the 50 MW solar thermal central Florida, located in the municipality of Alvarado (Badajoz) and owned by Renewable SAMCA.

The concentrating solar power has developed new technology for parabolic trough and has a thermal storage system using molten salts.

In addition, it’s a milestone in the field by the solar field size, with 550,000 square m2 of catchment area, and has become the largest in the world between the concentrating solar power in operation.

Protermosolar said that in addition to plants already in operation in Spain, there are others already under construction and that in less than a year could be connected to the network with an additional power of about 600 MW.

The set of solar thermal power plants included in the register of pre-allocation of pay in 2013 will achieve a capacity close to 2,500 MW spread over 60 facilities.

The investment made by companies for the operation of solar thermal power plants now totals about 2,500 million euros and will be around EUR 15,000 million accumulated in 2013.

The Association stressed that Spain is a leader in solar thermal technology and domestic firms are beginning to participate in ambitious projects in many regions of the world (USA, North Africa, Middle East, China, India or Australia).

Protermosolar recalled one of its main strengths are differentials in the solar thermal management and storage capacity, essential for ensuring stability in the Spanish electricity system.

Besides Florida, solar thermal power plants operating in Spain are PS10 (11 MW), PS 20 (20 MW), Andasol 1 (50 MW), Puertollano (50 MW), Puerto Errado (1.4 MW) and La Risca (50 MW), Andasol 2 (50 MW), Solnova 1 (50 MW), Extresol 1 (50 MW), Solnova 3 (50 MW) and Florida (50 MW).