Leo Motors Begins Marketing 120 kW EV Power Train

Power trains of this size are used in the bigger passenger cars, middle-sized buses and trucks. Consisting of a proprietary motor, controller and battery pack, the 120kW power train incorporates Leo’s innovative power management solutions designed to control vehicles better than their ICE counterparts.

Leo’s 120kW power train was tested in a 24-seat bus for more than six months. Leo converted Hyundai’s County bus and had it run at more than 70 MPH with the power train. According to the test results, the converted bus ran faster and smoother than its ICE counterparts, but without emissions, noise or vibration.

Leo will market the 120kW power train in two ways. Leo is primarily going to provide conversion services to clients who need EVs for their vehicle fleet operations. Leo will also market its 120kW EV power trains to other automotive manufacturers. Almost all major automobile manufacturers have claimed they are going to develop EVs, but only a few claimed to have successfully tested an electric power train.

Leo Motors, Inc. is a Delaware company engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of electric vehicles (“EVs”) and EV components. Leo has designed many original EVs, and has converted many models of existing internal combustion engine (“ICE”) vehicles into EVs, including scooters, motorcycles, full-speed sedans, highway buses and trucks. Leo Motors has also developed several original EV components, and is actively marketing them as a bundled conversion kit for ICE vehicles.