Poland, the largest wind power market in Central and Eastern Europe

Analysis by Frost & Sullivan (www.energy.frost.com), Investment Opportunities in the Wind Energy Sector in Europe, shows that Poland is and will continue to be the largest wind power market in Central and Eastern Europe. Although there are many challenges to surmount within the market, the country has seen the most expansion in the region, due to great wind potential and government support.

Poland follows the quota system with tradable green certificates, but despite the volatility of this system, the Polish wind farm market has grown. It increased slowly from 2002-2005, and then picked up speed, doubling every year from 2005-2008.

General participant awareness of Polish potential has induced interest from investors and manufacturers. Banks and private equity investors are becoming more attentive to available possibilities, despite slowed down activity produced by the financial crisis.

Likewise, all major European wind turbines manufacturers are active in Poland, as well as component manufacturers from western and northern Europe. In March 2009, LM Glasfiber set up a manufacturing facility in Poland for producing blades for wind turbines with a total capacity of 750 MW.

Poland must overcome high stakes if it is to attain its 2020 renewable energy targets. The country will need to install 863 MW – 1,002 MW yearly until 2020 to achieve the desired 10,500-12,500 MW. Also, the electricity generation will need to increase to 1 TWh to 25.4-30.1 TWh.