OATI smart grid

Demand Response (DR) is emerging as the high value component of the Smart Grid with substantial economic and grid reliability benefits, especially as the industry faces high penetrations of intermittent renewable generation. Open Access Technology International Inc. (OATI), a front runner in design and delivery of next generation applications for grid operations, rolls out the OATI webDistributeTS/SM (U.S. Patent Pending) product as the industry’s most advanced DR and Distributed Resource Management System (DRMS). OATI webDistribute provides comprehensive functionality for managing retail DR programs, converting them into dispatchable virtual power plants, and integrating the demand-side capabilities with distribution grid, power system, and wholesale energy market operations.

“Our highly robust OATI webDistribute DRMS is ready today, with a modular set of capabilities to address both traditional and the emerging market requirements” states, Dr. Ali Ipakchi, OATI Vice President of Smart Grid and Green Power. Requirements are fast evolving as Smart Grid capabilities are being rolled out at various paces across the nation. A modular design allows for a phased and incremental deployment of functionalities, from traditional demand side management capabilities to more advanced functions. OATI’s modular design provides a common platform for end-to-end DR life cycle management from behind-the-meter devices to wholesale operations. “The ability to integrate and manage demand-side resources, including plug-in electric vehicles, distributed renewable generation, and storage devices is becoming an integral part of the power system operations,” says Dr. Ipakchi.

OATI is actively participating in industry forums dealing with different facets of the Smart Grid and contributes to technical publications in these areas. Most recently, an article by Dr. Farrokh Rahimi, OATI’s Vice President, Market Design and Consulting, titled “Demand Response as a Market Resource under the Smart Grid Paradigm”, appeared in the June 2010 edition of The IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid.

OATI provides state-of-the-art Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM), Transmission Scheduling, Congestion Management, Compliance, Smart Grid, and Settlement Systems for the energy industry. OATI webTrader, webAgent, webTrans, webSmartEnergyTS/SM, webCompliance, and webTag product lines provide the tools for seamless participation across energy markets to generation, trading, and transmission companies. OATI serves in excess of 700 client companies in the North American energy industry.