US companies with wind power projects in north of Mexico

At least six US companies are planning to build some of the world’s biggest wind energy farms in Baja California Norte, between “La Rumorosa” and the native Indian community “Pai-Pai”

The Mexican-American company, Asociados Panamericanos (APA Wind), said their wind farm projects in this region would have an installed capacity of 1.5 GW in an area of 400 square Kilometers (109,000 acres).

Some of these wind turbines projects will deliver electricity to both sides of the border, and the motivation is that California will have to use 30% of its electric consumption from removable sources at year 2020.

These wind power projects will use the transnational interconnections to link the electricity from the Pai-Pai region to California US electric grid system.

Among the US firms to develop wind farms in Baja California there are: APA Wind with 1.5 Gw; Grupo IUSA with 1 GW; Clipper Wind Power with 750 MW; spanish Gas Natural-Union Fenosa with 400 MW; Sempra Energy with 300 MW.

In the American side of the US-Mexico border, at Imperial Valley, the company Sterling is building the world’s largest Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) with a US$1 B investment.