The e-mobility Italy project goes live in Pisa

The e-mobility Italy project, developed by Enel and smart, goes live in Pisa. On the occasion of the Green City Energy Forum, Marco Filippeschi, the Mayor of Pisa, received the first of over 20 smart electric vehicles intended for citizens in Pisa who registered online at

During the same event, David Gay, the Mobility Councillor of the Pisa Council, introduced a map of the 56 ‘intelligent’ recharging points that Enel will begin to install in July in 22 public areas of the city, which were identified as a result of the technical partnership between Enel and Pisamo, the mobility organisation of the Pisa Council. An additional 20 public recharging points will be set up in the short term, at sites which are currently under joint assessment.

The public recharging points that will provide the electric vehicles with significant autonomy of movement throughout the whole territory of Pisa, will be part of the 400 points that Enel will install between Pisa, which is home to Enel’s main research centre, Rome and Milan.

Within the framework of the Enel-smart ‘e-mobility Italy’ agreement, Daimler is leasing over 100 smart electric cars to customers that had applied to hire these cars in the three cities. Daimler will also be in charge of the smart cars’ maintenance. Enel will be in charge of the development, implementation and operation of the infrastructure, as well as of the central control system.

From September, the first 20 customers to test the smart electric vehicles in Pisa, who have been selected among 170 Pisa citizens who had applied online at, will have a dedicated domestic recharging infrastructure available, installed by Enel.

The smart fortwo electric cars are available at a special monthly rate of €400 + VAT, which includes hire, routine maintenance, replacement vehicle cover and guarantee for the 48-month duration of the project and, thanks to the partnership with Fondazione Iteralia and UGF Assicurazioni of Unipol Gruppo Finanziario, third party, fire and theft insurance cover.

The electric vehicles are equipped with a 30 kW (41 CV) zero-emission electric motor, and an innovative 17kWh lithium ion batteries which provides power to travel up to 135 km. The maximum speed of the electric vehicles, which are suitable for city use and fast-flowing roads, is 100 km/h.

There are also considerable benefits in terms of power recharging and the service provided. Enel guarantees electric car recharging in line with varying requirements and lifestyles, by means of the installation of a smart box for connecting and charging electric vehicles in private garages, or in car parks at work.

Over more, for just 25 euro a month, inclusive of VAT and other charges, drivers can fill up with unlimited ‘clean’ electricity at all the Enel recharging points, either at home or in public places. This promotional offer includes all installation and connection costs.

Energy consumption for the 100 smart vehicles for the 4-year duration of the project will be equivalent to 750 thousand kWh, and will prevent the atmospheric emission of 600 tons of CO2, an amount that would otherwise be absorbed by a green area of 770,000 square metres.