Korea Introduces Electric Buses

The the city government held a test drive of the electric bus on Thursday and said it will start 15 electric buses on three circulating lines in Mt. Nam — Nos. 02, 03, and 05 — in November, and two more between Daebang Station and Han River Park in Yeouido in December.

Slow electric vehicles running at 60 km/h were introduced in March, but this is the first time that electric buses capable of running up to 100 km/h are being put in commercial use.

The city also decided to set up recharging facilities in 130 places in the city such as district offices and parking lots of large discount stores. The fare for electric buses will be the same as for regular buses.

The city will first run 34 electric buses on six routes by the first half of next year and then expand the service mainly for short-distance routes where the journey is less than 20 km each way.