Enovos Luxembourg Acquires a Wind Farm in France

Enovos Luxembourg S.A. Further Develops Energy Generation From Renewable Energy Sources and Acquires a New Wind Farm in France

On 10 June 2010, Enovos Luxembourg S.A. signed the acquisition of a 100% stake in the wind farm "La Benate" near Saintes (Charente-Maritime region, France).

The 6 wind turbines (WTG) are of the type Enercon E82 with a nominal power output of 2 MW each and a hub height of 79 m. The wind farm has already been partially feeding into the public grid since May this year; final commissioning of all 6 WTGs will take place in June.

100% of the generated wind power will be fed into the public grid, corresponding to the annual consumption of around 8,000 households.

"By investing in this wind farm, which generates around 32 GWh of green electricty each year, Enovos Luxembourg S.A. contributes to further extend it’s share of power generation from renewable energy sources. Furthermore around 13,000 t of CO2 emissions will be saved each year," emphasises Daniel Christnach, Head of Renewable Energies at Enovos Luxembourg.

"The lack of roughness in the terrain, combined with a high annual number of wind hours, makes this location extremely attractive for wind energy."

Last week, Enovos Luxembourg also decided to participate in the offshore wind farm "Bard 1." Jean Lucius, CEO of Enovos Luxembourg, underlines that "the purchase of ‘La Benate’ is further significant proof of the commitment of Enovos in the field of wind energy. This highly profitable project represents our first investment in renewable energies in France – additional projects, in France and other countries, will follow."

Enovos International S.A. is – as a group – a newcomer in the energy sector, headquartered in Luxembourg, arisen from the combination of three strong traditional, regionally embedded companies: Soteg, Cegedel & Saar Ferngas. Enovos International S.A. is the holding company in charge of energy generator and distributor Enovos Luxembourg S.A. and grid company Creos Luxembourg S.A., with each operating their German subsidiaries, respectively.

Close to 800 employees supply about 180,000 customers with electricity and gas via 7,500 km electricity lines and 3,000 km of gas pipelines. Alongside its traditional and core business, the company develops substantially its activities in the renewable energies. The group of five companies has a 1.5 billion euros annual turnover.

A 28.3% stake of Enovos International S.A. is owned by the Luxembourg government and 10.8% by the state-owned investment bank S.N.C.I.. ArcelorMittal owns 25.3%, RWE 19.8%, E.ON 10.8% and Electrabel 5.1%.