China’s largest electric charging station for electric vehicles in Linyi

The construction of China’s largest electric charging station for electric vehicles in Linyi of Shandong province was completed on June 23. Meanwhile, Yixing electric buses produced by a local enterprise were delivered.

As China’s largest and Shandong’s first large electric charging station for electric vehicles, the electric charging station has a power-distribution capacity totaling 3,200 kilovolt-amps. It is equipped with two 1,600 kilovolt-amp transformers, 30 chargers and 30 DC charging poles and capable simultaneously charging 30 electric buses. With 15 AC charging poles, it is also able to simultaneously charge 15 electric vehicles.

The electric car charging station in Jiaozhuang of Linyi is the seventh electric charging station that the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) has built and put into service around the country. SGCC is scheduled to establish 75 electric charging stations in 2010. Two electric vehicle charging stations built by China Southern Power Grid in Shenzhen have also begun operations.

Furthermore, traditional energy giants Sinopec and CNOOC are enthusiastic to build electric vehicle charging stations. Sinopec plans to take Beijing as its pilot city to change existing large oil and gas stations into comprehensive oil, gas and electric stations before popularizing such stations around the city and the entire country.

CNOOC also plans to enter the electric vehicle charging station market by building electric charging stations in two or more provincial capitals through its joint ventures. PetroChina, the only domestic oil giant that has not put forward a specific plan for the establishment of electric vehicle charging stations, was said to move into market.

Yu Datai, a professor from the University of Science and Technology Beijing, said that it is good for energy enterprises to be enthusiastic about the market because the supporting infrastructure is the most basic foundation for the popularization of new-energy vehicles. Nevertheless, overlapping construction of electric charging stations and cutthroat competition should be avoided during the construction of electric charging stations, and a uniform standard for the electric charging station industry should be formulated.