Trikke Preps for Growth With Its 3-Wheel Electric Vehicles

Soft launch achievements include landing an order from Best Buy (Fall 2010), an 84 electric vehicle fleet sale to the Abu Dhabi Police, and formation of an assembly partnership with Segway’s distributor in Brazil.

"The response to the Tribred electric vehicle is overwhelmingly positive from consumers, institutions and businesses alike," said John Simpson, CEO of Trikke. "Consumers appreciate Tribred’s dual role as both a light weight, green commuter vehicle and as a fitness/recreational vehicle. Police and security enjoy their maneuverability, portability and stealth qualities. Our findings also confirm that the Tribred outperforms the competition in every relevant feature category at less than half the cost."

"As part of our industry outreach, we are now proactively identifying potential strategic partners and investors that can immediately make a positive impact on Trikke," added Simpson. "We are conservatively forecasting over 100,000 electric vehicles per year in five years. With that kind of volume, we want to make sure we are on the radar of candidate suppliers, financiers, marketers and media."

Trikke has set up a website for companies interested in learning more about a strategic partnership and/or investment opportunity. Click here to learn more.

The Trikke carving vehicle was voted one of the best inventions of the year by TIME Magazine in 2002. Since then Trikke has sold more than 450,000 body-powered 3-wheeled carving vehicles. Trikke has recently released its 3-wheeled electric vehicle line — the Tribred — finding audience in the consumer, golf, police, security, postal and military channels (amongst others).

Trikke’s patented 3CV technology provides for unprecedented maneuverability, portability and stability (at all speeds). The three wheels remain on the ground while the rider and frame lean into the turn together — setting the Trikke vehicles apart from every other vehicle on the market today. Trikke is located in Santa Barbara County, California.