Frost & Sullivan Recognises Lithium Balance’s Development of an Inventive Battery Management System for Lithium Cells

The use of large format lithium battery packs in the electric vehicles has spawned the need for an effective battery management system (BMS) to maintain the performance and improve the life of the battery.

This need has been met admirably by LiTHIUM BALANCE, which uses multiple local monitoring units (LMUs) to monitor up to 8 cells each, with the central monitoring unit (BCMU) managing the whole pack.

Effective management of battery cells is vital to ensure that all cells operate at the same voltage/state-of-charge. If the battery is used without a capable management system, the cells will charge/discharge unevenly, reducing the battery’s power/energy density and life.

With a BMS, battery manufacturers can ensure safety, maintain range as well as performance, and log the history of the battery parameters. LiTHIUM BALANCE’s use of LMU reduces the wiring and maintains the performance and life of the battery.

Commonly, leading-edge technology enables businesses to overlook an existing product and opt for a next-generation solution that will offer them better market presence and profitability.

For LiTHIUM BALANCE, existing platforms form the base for any new technology that enables the integration of advancements in process development and software. This makes the product not only easy to implement, but also cost effective.

The main benefit of LiTHIUM BALANCE’s BMS is the significant life extension of almost 50 per cent. Other features such as controller area network (CAN)-bus integration and vehicle-to-grid systems will add to the scope of the product in the future.

"The vehicle-to-grid (V2G) feature controlled by the BMS is expected to be a particularly significant application, considering the improving electric vehicle infrastructure," says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Bharath Kumar Srinivasan.

"To have such a feature when being one of the market leaders clearly puts the company in the most favourable position to capture more projects and increase market share."

The extended battery life increases the range of the vehicle by 5 to 10 per cent for every charge, which in-terms of cost, would translate to savings of up to $4000. Tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers are more likely to be lured by the improvements in performance without compromising the standard.

LiTHIUM BALANCE also helps its top tier clients with their integration work or packaging of the cells. This is achieved by entering into partnerships with cell manufacturers, wherein LiTHIUM BALANCE contributes with its knowledge of BMS, diagnostics, and offers suggestion for future battery models using the logged data.

"The prime focus for LiTHIUM BALANCE is the emerging automotive market because of its focus on electric vehicles – a direct result of the emission reductions target," notes Srinivasan.

Equally critical for market expansion is the company’s penetration into established markets such as forklifts, where lead-acid batteries hold sway. The company will also be looking to make inroads into the markets for back-up systems, marine, and military applications.

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LiTHIUM BALANCE is an innovative Danish company whose core competence is the development and delivery of battery management systems for Lithium Ion battery packs in industrial applications. LiTHIUM BALANCE’s range of battery management systems allow all common Lithium Ion cell chemistries and constructions to be correctly managed.

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