Wind Tiger: Tamil Nadu is likely to add 500 MW of wind power ever year

Of this, 4,889 Mw has already achieved in March. The agency also said wind farm based power generation will be enhanced further and next focus will be on solar.

R Christodas Gandhi, principal secretary, TEDA, said 41 sites were located in Tamil Nadu for setting up wind turbines for power generation, of which 26 wind farms sites are exhausted. “We are also now looking at possibilities for setting up wind farms in offshore and coast line.”

Earlier, Deepak Gupta, secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) in his address at a conference here, said, “for the next five years Tamil Nadu is likely to add 500 MW of wind power ever year”.

Apart from this, the state has the potential to generate power from waste. “Salem and Namakkal alone can produce 150 MW of power by using waste, the state government had not tapped the opportunity so far,” said Gupta.

Gandhi added, solar energy also offers exciting opportunities in the state. “The only factor is cost, unless it comes down below Rs 10 crore (for setting up a one MW solar power plant) investors will keep shying away from solar energy,” he said. This can be done through innovation and indegenous technology, he added.

Teda is planning to set up wind farms at offshore and along the coast line. Tamil Nadu has already achieved 4,889 MW of wind energy in March of the estimated around 5,000 MW.