Iberdrola and FCC to promote electric vehicles

In an initiative springing from both companies’ commitment to sustainable development. By signing this agreement, the two companies will set up three lines of work to foster this type of transport: encouraging electric fleets, installing charging stations and participating in electric mobility demonstrations in cities.

Iberdrola and FCC have entered into a collaboration agreement to promote the development of the electric car as a means for combating climate change and supporting sustainability.

The agreement, which will remain in force for two years, was signed in Madrid by Agustín Delgado, Director of Innovation, Environment and Quality in Iberdrola, and Eduardo González, Managing Director of FCC Energía.

Under this agreement, FCC and Iberdrola plan to collaborate on activities related to electric mobility that will enhance both companies’ leadership in their respective sectors.

According to the terms of the agreement, the two companies will set up three lines of work to foster this type of transport: encouraging electric fleets, installing charging points and participating in electric mobility demonstrations in cities

Iberdrola and FCC plan to engage in various activities, such as installing charging points for these vehicles in car parks managed by the citizen services group, supplying electric fleets to companies and providing the necessary infrastructure at their offices, and carrying out the necessary work to adapt the technical vehicle inspection (Spanish acronym: ITV) centres to electric vehicles.

In order to guarantee the success of this agreement, both groups will exchange technical information on the electric vehicle and share their acquired knowledge in future as this technology continues to evolve.

Iberdrola is one of the world’s foremost energy companies in terms of stock market capitalisation. It operates in 44 countries on four continents and has 33,000 employees and over 28 million customers. The Group’s focus on electrical mobility is in line with its pioneering commitment to the development of more environmentally-friendly technologies, which have made it the world leader in the sector of renewable energies today.

In this regard, the company has launched the Iberdrola Green Mobility Plan, the first all-round solution developed by a company in Spain to promote the use of this type of transport, offering the customer the chance to purchase an electric vehicle with financial support, the installation of the charging point and a 100% renewable energy supply.

Iberdrola plans to install 1,000 MW of wind turbines per year in the US in 2011 and 2012. Iberdrola is the second-largest wind power operator with installed capacity of 3,827 MW, located across 23 states, plus a further 300 MW of wind energy currently under development.

FCC is one of the leading European groups in the citizen services sector, with a high degree of geographical and sectoral diversification. Operating in 54 countries around the world, its basic activities are the management of environmental and water services, the construction and management of major infrastructure and urban fittings, cement production and renewable energies.

As part of its diversification policy, FCC Energía is the company in charge of initiatives in the area of energy and sustainability. FCC carries out activities in the field of renewable energies, energy efficiency, co-generation and energy from waste (EfW).