Sequoia Energy has acquired the assets of C-Free Power

"C-Free’s renewable energy assets add over 1,600 megawatts of developmental wind energy and water power projects to Sequoia’s active development in five Canadian provinces and 15 US states. The C-Free assets are an important addition to the new energy pipeline Sequoia is developing across North America including Western Canada", says Sequoia’s President and CEO Ron Diduch.

"The C-Free staff and the projects they have been working on in B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan are a great addition to our efforts to create more renewable energy for North America. The Calgary office complements our current staff, who are working on projects as far east as Ontario and as far south as Texas. Together we improve the role we all play in bringing better energy solutions to this part of the world," says Diduch from the head offices in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

"C-Free has been developing wind power and hydro projects for the last 5 years. These wind farm projects, and the landowners who can benefit from them, will have the additional value of being part of a much larger Sequoia team with extensive experience in engineering, community relations and business development," Diduch added.

In the last two years Sequoia Energy Inc. has attracted international investors, expanded its reach across the West and Mid-Western United States and Central and Western Canada, the home of North America’s best renewable energy resources. In the course of that, it has doubled its workforce and has people working in Europe, Canada and the U.S.

Sequoia Energy initiated the first Manitoba wind farm in St. Leon, Manitoba. As a pioneer of the "Community First" approach, Sequoia has demonstrated that wind turbines is a safe, reliable, economically sound, environmentally and socially responsible source of energy for landowners, utilities and governments across North America.

Sequoia prides itself on acting responsibly and collaboratively with key stakeholders. Sequoia’s goal is to facilitate a smooth introduction of renewable energy into established energy networks while bringing new income and economic opportunity to rural areas.