Porous Power Announces Agreement with Chisso to Develop New Separators for the Japanese Lithium-Ion Battery Market

“Our companies share a mutual goal of dramatically improving the safety, durability, performance and price of lithium-ion batteries for electric and hybrid-electric vehicles,” says Chisso’s Yozo Shimomura, General Manager, Precise Fabricated Products Department.

Tim Feaver, CEO of Porous Power, explains, “Automotive battery manufacturers want a safer alternative to traditional polyolefin separators, which can melt and cause thermal runaway, and potentially fire, at relatively low temperatures. Undesirable voltage and temperature fluctuations occur much less frequently in cells using SYMMETRIX separators, even under conditions of abusive overcharge and overheating.”

SYMMETRIX, which at first glance looks like a roll of thin medical tape…

* Increases the life and high-power capacity of lithium-ion batteries.
* Minimizes waste heat in batteries, effectively increasing a cell’s capacity and allowing it to operate at safer temperatures with fewer external cooling requirements.
* Enables faster battery charging with less heat build-up (heat can damage sensitive battery cell components).
* Improves battery function in low temperature operating environments.

Porous Power Technologies, LLC makes electrode separators that reduce the cost and improve the performance, efficiency and life of lithium-ion batteries, particularly large-format cells for all types of electric vehicles and stationary power applications.

Founded in 1906, Chisso Corporation is a leading Japanese chemical company that aims to contribute to society’s progress through superior technology. Chisso is the leading supplier of liquid crystal for flat screen displays. It also pioneered the product category of thermo-bondable composite fibers, paving the way for new breakthroughs in battery technology.