Tesla at World Innovation Summit in Barcelona June 15-17

The summit focuses on revolutionary ideas and great business opportunities, with up to 10,000 venture capitalists, executives and entrepreneurs expected to converge in Barcelona. Cristiano Carlutti, Tesla’s Vice President for European Sales and Operations, will keynote an opening VIP gala June 15 and participate in a June 17 panel discussion on alternative fuel and energy efficiency.

Tesla is offering test drives to local media throughout the event. Tesla is also offering test drives with qualified prospective customers — including those who reserved the Tesla Model S and those eager to "go electric" as soon as possible.

"It’s a huge honor to be part of the summit — proof that the paradigm is shifting to energy efficiency even in the traditional automotive sector," said Carlutti, formerly a vice president at Fiat before joining Tesla.

Viva la energia solar!

Tesla’s Barcelona debut comes weeks after Tesla delivered its first electric car with lithium ion batteries to a customer in Spain. The new owner, Amsterdam native Otto Poldermans, charges his twilight blue Roadster exclusively with renewable energy and lives "off the grid" in a remote valley of the Sierra Nevada.

The Roadster accelerates faster than supercars that cost twice as much, yet produces zero tailpipe emissions and is twice as energy efficient as leading hybrids. The Roadster, which consumes no oil whatsoever and plugs into conventional 220-volt sockets throughout Europe, is the only sports car in the world that can be charged with solar, hydro or wind energy.

Spain, a leader in the development of solar energy and wind power, expects to derive 12 percent of the nation’s primary energy from renewable resources by the end of this year. That means Roadster owners in Spain get to drive world’s hottest sports car — and charge it from one of Europe’s cleanest energy grids.

The Roadster qualifies for a national rebate of at least EUR6,000 and a provincial rebates of EUR3,000 or more. Spanish owners get 75 percent off the yearly car tax. Roadsters get free metered parking and free use of the high-occupancy vehicle and bus lanes — a priceless advantage in the dense traffic of Madrid and Barcelona.

The electric vehicles Roadster can be recharged at millions of conventional power outlets throughout Europe. In addition, "Project Movele" is building free charging stations in Seville, Barcelona and Madrid.

Tesla is the only automaker selling highway-capable electric vehicles –the only company whose cars equally emphasize design, performance and efficiency. With a relentless focus on customer service, Tesla sells cars directly to clients, both online and at 10 showrooms in Europe and North America. Tesla has already delivered cars in at least 25 countries and is considered the must-have car among Hollywood celebrities, European royalty and trendsetters worldwide. Advertising Age magazine recently named Tesla one of the year’s "hottest brands."