GCE Launches the World’s 1st Vertical Wind Solar Generator

Mr. Robert Liu, Chairman of GCE Clean Energy Technology (Taiwan Preparatory Office) announces, today on June 8, 2010 that their R&D team has successfully developed and launched the World’s first ever Satellite-shaped Vertical Wind and Solar Hybrid Turbine in Taiwan.

Mr. Liu also announces “that the know-how of GCE Clean Energy Technology’s 2KW Wind Power Turbines is transferred to Taiwan 1st class OEM factories such as: Compowe Technology Co., Ltd., Kenmec Group & Chung-Hsin Electric & Machinery Manufacturing Corporation for production. 2KW, 5KW & 10 KW turbines shall be GCE mainstream products.”

Following to the swift changes in global energy savings and carbon reduction program we are aiming to produce 2,000 units of small turbines during the first year and quickly jump up to 20,000 units in the second year of production.

Mr. Liu quoted: “According to the statistic of European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), by year of 2020 there will be over 12% of global Electricity provided by wind power”, i.e.: 12% of wind power electricity equals to 750,000 MW and that will translate to 150,000 units of 5 MW wind turbines needed to generate it. If calculating by current horizontal axis turbine which costs USD $8 million per unit, the market value for the next 10 years shall be USD $1.2 trillion said Mr. Liu.

Mr. Liu asked is Taiwan wind turbine technology ready for such a sizeable wind energy pie?

Mr. Liu is confident to say that GCE has 5 international invention patents and holds 100% key technologies. With our most advanced Vertical Axis Wind Power Turbine and our strong R&D team as our weapons we in Taiwan are confident to take a leading position in the global market which has the value of over USD $10 billion per year.

Mr. Liu also noted that through our world-class OEM partners in 2011 GCE can produce an annual production of 8 GW of Vertical Axis Turbine. These will include the 5 MW and 10 MW wind turbines.

In spite of the next 10 years of acute shortages of wind turbine we at GCE could build 1,500 units of 5 MW wind turbine per annum. This alone will create over 3,000 employments and yearly revenue of USD $10 billion.

Mr. Liu said in response of quick economy and trading development between Taiwan Strait and the signing of ECFA by our government with China, GCE will aggressively approach major key players in China to develop the renewable clean energy in the China market. We are proud to have a signing of MOU ceremony with the giants of China such as: Dongfang Turbine Co., Ltd., and Century Epitec Co., Ltd. This is to demonstrate our commitment to lay our roots in Taiwan and China and then expand to the rest of the world.

Dr. John Cheng, the Chief Technology Officer of GCE, says this is the only patented invention in the world – the Satellite-shaped Wind and Solar Hybrid Turbine.

The self-revolving taper solar module can enhance the production of energy quickly. Our big turbine basically can produce 5MW of power and with our modular concept we can adapt to 10MW or even 13MW turbines.

Our turbine has an automatic sensor system that controls the speed of the turbine in order to protect it from damage. Our wind blade is made of composite aluminum alloy. Each wing of the turbine is designed like the wing of an airplane to maximize the air lift in order to produce maximum power. The individual wing panel is made up of 60 integrated pieces of aluminum alloy.

Structurally it is very sound and stable. It can take on super typhoon without damaging the wings. Just like a spinning top, the faster the spin the more stable it becomes. The design of the blades can take advantage of all kinds of wind such as horizontal wind, turbulence, descending wind, hurricane, etc. to produce maximum power.